Update: Colton’s body released to the family

In court on February 1st, 2013, we were notified that after more than four cruel months – including Colton’s birthday and the duration of the holidays – Colton could possibly be released to the family. Final confirmation came on Monday February 4th. This development occurred the same day we were informed that the defense had [...]

On this day…

1-22-2013, this date represents Colton’s 21st birth day along with the shared birth date of his older brother, Steven, by 6 years. It also represents 4 months and 1 day since Colton’s life was so senselessly taken from us, due to an intentional cowardice attack. Those of us who know Colton as a son, brother, [...]

Update: Ruling of certification hearing

As many have already heard the ruling to certify as an adult has been given. The decision was filed late Friday and the court hearing was yesterday morning, Monday, January 7th. The bail has been set at one million unconditional and 500,000.00 conditional. The certification is what we had hoped and prayed for. It seems unjust that [...]

Update: An Unfathomable Delay

As a family we try to find the strength to cope with the sadness we feel every moment of every day. We find strength from family and friends who reach out with an uplifting call and express their love, concern for us and also share our pain. Now we stumble through the holidays without Colton. Our request [...]

Court Update: Certification Hearing

Today we attended the certification hearing. During this hearing the defense presented options for the rehabilitation of Colton’s killer. In reaction to these options, the prosecution pointed out the numerous previous attempts throughout the past 4 years of attempted rehabilitation that had not been successful. Not only were these attempts unsuccessful, this monster’s violent actions [...]

Update: December 3, 2012

We have not updated in awhile. Partially because nothing new has happened. The court system is a frustratingly slow system. This week the certification hearing will take place. This hearing will determine if Colton’s attacker will be tried as an adult. Though we have quickly learned that Justice 4 Colton is out of our hands, [...]

Court: Tuesday, Oct. 9th, 2012

The judicial system is full of surprises… A long road ahead. Here is the gist of Tuesdays court hearing: Final autopsie could take weeks, for final results to be in.  Colton is being held at Ramsey County Medical examiners office and cannot be released until final results are in.  This could be delayed even further [...]

St. Cloud Remembers Colton

St. Cloud city Mayor Dave Kleis remembers Colton Gleason during their Take Back The Night event on Thursday, October 4th, just two weeks since Colton was taken from this world. Take Back The Night event is a step in the right direction for a city where it doesn’t seem safe to walk the streets after [...]